Monday, February 9, 2009


Welcome. My name is Rebecca Levi. I’m a career coach and a recruiter--and I love my job. My goal is to help you realize a livelihood that you love, too.

10 reasons I’m doing this blog:
  1. I am passionate about career change.

  2. As a coach and recruiter, my job is all about career change – but I’d even go so far as to say it’s also my hobby. I enjoy reading about it, thinking about it, speaking about it, and yes, I guess pontificating about it. Thus, the blogosphere calls.

  3. We are in a unique time in our history where so many will be making career moves either by force or by design. I want to examine the past – those who have made unexpected changes during past recessions that brought them increased personal, professional, and/or creative success.

  4. There’s disparate information out there and I want to hand-pick and share what I think is most helpful and thought-provoking.

  5. As a native New Yorker I have a healthy degree of cynicism but overwhelmingly I’m an optimist who will walk a mile for a good aphorism, and I enjoy applying them to the quest for right livelihood.

  6. Good aphorism: “When one door closes, another one opens” – this is a key mantra in the job search process.

  7. We’ll talk about ways to “cast a wide net” to explore every avenue of the job search practice.

  8. I believe that job searching, networking, and salary negotiation are all skill sets that benefit enormously from training – and sometimes taking risks is the best way to strengthen these skills.

  9. We’ll talk about resume advice but resumes are just one tool in your job search tool kit. I see many people lean too heavily on this one tool.

  10. Career change can be scary but it can also be positive and transformational on every level. I want to help you enjoy this exploration.

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